When you enable Auto Renewal for a hosting service, the system automatically creates an automatic payment for it. You can see all automatic payments via the Automatic Payments section in the Account Panel. There you can see details such as payment status, payment method, next payment date, client details, hosting products, the total fee you will be charged.

Active payments can be canceled at any time via the "Cancel automatic payment" button. If needed, you can easily set up a new automatic payment by turning on Auto Renewal for the desired service.

You can still pay for services manually even if they are included in an automatic payment. The payment and expiration dates will be updated automatically in the payment.

The system will make 4 attempts to process an automatic payment. In case the automatic payment fails 4 times, it will be canceled.

IMPORTANT: The total fee shown in the automatic payment is updated twice daily and is calculated dynamically based on the current service prices and your discounts. The total fee you will be charged will always be accurate and reflect the correct service prices and discounts at the time of charging.