You can deposit money directly into your account by using the "Refill Account Balance" form on the "Billing" > "Account Balance" section. The allowed amount depends on your currency and the current balance of the account, and it can be checked when you hover with your mouse over the "i" icon next to the input field's name. Shortly after you process the payment, the refill amount will appear as a credit on your reseller account. The "Refill Account Balance" form will not appear if your account balance is over the maximum allowed credit amount.

An account balance might be funded also by actions such as refunds or compensations.

VAT may be applied to account balance refill payments if you or your business operate in an EU country subjected to VAT. If applicable, VAT will be calculated and displayed automatically on the payment page, based on the invoice details you listed for the account in the Invoice Details tab of the My Account section.