The Overdraft operates under the following schedule:

Day 1: This is the date on which your Overdraft is enabled. This happens automatically, once the account reaches overdraft eligibility. You will receive an email notification when the overdraft is enabled.

Day 1 - Day 30: This is the period in which your overdraft is active, and you can use it as a payment method. The allowed overdraft will increase with each newly purchased or renewed account. It is also possible to cover the outstanding overdraft amount at any time during this period. If this happens after the 23-rd day of the overdraft period (less than 7 days until its due date), then the due date will be automatically extended with another 30 days.

Day 30: Overdraft expiration/due date. If you do not have an outstanding balance on this date, the overdraft will be recalculated, and extended if the allowed overdraft amount is over USD 100.00. If you do have an outstanding balance, then the overdraft will be blocked temporarily, and you will no longer be able to pay using it. You need to cover the outstanding balance, and then the overdraft will be recalculated - and eventually extended with 30 days.

Day 30 - Day 44: In this period, you will be able to make payments using alternative payment methods, but the overdraft remains blocked, unless you cover the outstanding balance on it.

Day 44: If not yet covered, the outstanding amount becomes immediately required. You will not be able to make further purchases through the Reseller Panel without clearing the outstanding balance on the account. Also, it is possible the purchased and still unpaid services to be terminated.

Once the due amount is covered, and if the overdraft is eligible for extension, the overdraft due date will be extended with 30 days - "Day 30" of the old period would become "Day 1" of the new period.