ICDSoft is a hosting provider that's been around for quite some time now. The company was established back in 1993 as a software development company. Fast forward to six years later, and they started offering shared hosting services as well. After testing out the waters with shared hosting, ICDSoft expanded to more hosting options, including VPS, but more on that later.

ICDSoft offers reliable hosting to people from all around the world. They pride themselves on being one of the most financially stable web hosting companies out there. Currently, their number of active websites exceeds 55,000. Pretty great number if you ask us. Also, the provider does not rely on third parties for hardware and infrastructure setup, billing management, or creating their hosting control panel – they do all of that themselves.

Another great thing about ICDSoft is its 85% renewal rate. So, we can see that many clients who have tried their services almost always come back for more. That is an excellent indicator of a provider's reliability and service quality. But let's delve deeper and see if ICDSoft's service is truly the perfect fit for you to grow.

So, what do people who have used or are using ICDSoft have to say about the provider? Our clients at HostAdvice have deemed ICDSoft to be a five-star experience. The provider has not received a score lower than 4.8 in any category, and that's saying something. It's saying quite a lot, actually. Our clients at HostAdvice praise ICDSoft for its excellent service, technical support, and fast response time. Also, many people who have used or are using ICDSoft web hosting state that the provider helps them with all of their technical difficulties, no matter how big or small. Another positive aspect of ICDSoft is its price/quality ratio. Namely, many of their clients deem their price to be fair for the services that they provide. And, we sure do love a good value at HostAdvice!

Why Choose ICDSoft?

ICDSoft has data centers in the U.S., Europe, and Hong Kong, covering three different continents. That is excellent since individuals and businesses worldwide can choose which location suits them best and is the optimal solution for their target audience.

So, if you are from the U.S. or Canada, choosing the U.S. data center will enable you to have high-speed connections to all major hubs located in those two countries. Customers from Hong Kong, China, Australia, and Japan usually choose the Hong Kong data center. In contrast, customers from Europe, Africa, and the Middle East typically go for the data center in Europe.

ICDSoft's servers run on the Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM). KVM is a virtualization technology that is built into ICDSoft's Linux kernel. Thus, it turns its Linux kernel into a hypervisor that is exceptionally close to the real hardware. The machines that the provider uses are powered by the latest generation Xeon Gold 18-core processors coupled with SSD drives configured in RAID arrays.

With the help of a custom PHP setup powered by FPM with OPcache, a hardened Linux kernel, and custom WAF rules, ICDSoft ensures great website speed and top security for its customers. So, you can grow your business knowing that your and your customers' websites load blazingly fast, and your data is well protected.

The uptime guaranteed by this provider is 99.997%, and last year it experienced a total downtime of only 15 minutes. The reason behind the low downtime is, of course, the reliability and outstanding performance that the company offers. Also, the company announces its routine server maintenance and upgrades, so its users are always aware of when their websites may experience some slight downtime.

ICDSoft does not acknowledge responsibility for attacks that are caused by network issues outside of its own networks and data centers, natural disasters, DDoS attacks, or problems relating to your ISP and devices.

Flexible Hosting Options

When choosing a provider that can assist your growth, flexibility is critical. Luckily, ICDSoft offers a great range of hosting options and services, making it the perfect fit for your growth.

Speaking of hosting, ICDSoft offers a wide range of hosting services, such as WordPress Hosting, WooCommerce Hosting, Node.js Hosting, Managed VPS Hosting, Professional Email Services, and an easy-to-use Website Builder. So, you can pick from quite a wide range of hosting options. It all depends on what you need. On top of their hosting plans, ICDSoft also provides useful extra services such as Logo Maker and SocialSync - a social media backup tool.

ICDSoft provides free website transfers if you want to transfer your already existing website from another provider to ICDSoft. Also, ICDSoft will compensate for unused time with your previous provider.

Also, you can find another great opportunity for growth with ICDSoft's reseller partner program. It is free to join, and with it, you can resell web services such as hosting accounts and domain names. You can create your own online store and define your own prices for the services you want to resell. Also, the reseller partner program gives you access to increasing discounts for new hosting purchases, as well as for hosting account renewals.

The reseller partner program will equip you and your clients with a 15-minute response guarantee, daily backups, and fast and reliable servers powered by the latest Xeon processors.

All web hosting plans include a powerful control panel, a professional email service with a responsive webmail interface, daily backups, server-side caching, an app installer, and many other useful tools and features!

The same applies to all of their other services. Namely, all plans come in multiple affordable price ranges, designed to grow your online presence in a budget-friendly manner with a steady and effective pace.

Another great show of ICDSoft's flexibility is the variety of available popular domain names at cost. ICDSoft’s available domain names list includes, but is not limited to, .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info, .us.

Consistent Round-the-clock Support

Many... on second thought, most of our users at HostAdvice have amazing things to say about ICDSoft's support system. And when you're looking for growth potential, having good support throughout your journey can do wonders for you and your website.

ICDSoft has over one million resolved tickets on its resume, and the number will only go up in the future. Also, more than 70% of ICDSoft's customers have chosen to use its services by referral from a current client.

The team behind ICDSoft's customer support is highly experienced, and all of the team members have at least five years of experience in the IT sector. The usual response time for each support ticket is within 15 minutes and one hour for inquiries made via email. Also, the average time that ICDSoft's team takes to resolve a ticket is a staggering 7 minutes!

Customers receive an email and a notification in their Account Panel if they have submitted a question via a support ticket. Also, ICDSoft customers can find solutions to their issues by viewing answers to previous questions.

Answers to some of the most common questions and issues, as well as various how-to guides and tutorials, are available in the Knowledge Base and the Frequently Asked Questions section of ICDSoft's website.

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Final Remarks

ICDSoft checks the most significant boxes for growth – flexibility and support. And it checks them well. Its flexibility is superb, and its support is top-notch, with many impressed customers to back those two features up. It provides excellent opportunities for businesses and individuals alike, and the growth potential you can have with ICDSoft is quite immense. So, is this provider the perfect fit for you to grow with? – Definitely yes!


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