The emergence of video sharing websites created a small revolution in the online world. While some people started sharing random personal videos, others saw a chance to establish their entire web presence in video networks like YouTube, Vimeo or TikTok. Publishing videos on different topics is a great way to build a brand name and connect with thousands, even millions of people from all around the world. Whether you share travel videos, you offer some service and shoot related videos, or you offer some type of entertainment videos, there is one thing you probably don’t have and consider unnecessary – a website.

Is there really any advantage of creating a website if you are already an established vlogger? We will give you several arguments why having a website is good for your video channel and we will have a look at how that site can improve the user experience of your viewers. We will also show you how you can easily create such a website if you use any of our web hosting plans.

1. Offer more video content.

A website allows you to add content that may not fit into the regular content you upload to your channel. Whether it will be videos related to your channel or something that has nothing to do with your regular content, is up to you. A website allows you to create different pages and divide your videos into categories. Here are a few ideas:

An example of using a video website to get more subscribers
  • Videos that are good, but simply not good enough to be on your official channel, including bloopers, behind the scenes videos, etc.
  • Exclusive videos that you may want to offer as paid content – unique shots, interviews, content for Patreons, etc.
  • Videos that you have created for webinars, presentations, etc. They may be worth sharing, but may have nothing in common with the content you usually share on your channel.

2. Reach more people.

A lot of people do not use video sharing platforms, so а website is the best way to reach them. Whether they will come across your website by chance or by clicking on a link, or your video fans will recommend the site to friends that do not usually browse video portals, you will be able to expand your audience significantly.

You are competing with a lot of other vloggers, so reaching more people can really make a difference. You can even create a dedicated landing page that you can promote, where people can check out a selection of your best videos. This way, you can get them interested in your content and they may be more likely to visit your channel.

3. Sell merchandise.

Selling merchandise is easy if you have your own website.

If you want to sell merchandise with your video channel brand name, you will definitely need a website. It is up to you whether you will use an e-commerce platform to create an entire online store, or you will add only a section on your main website dedicated to merchandise. You can engage your viewers and increase your sales if you can send them from your videos to the site. You may also consider adding a newsletter signup option if you want to send out promo codes. Sharing special promo codes in your videos will increase both the number of your viewers and your sales.

You have the option to add a link to some closed-source e-commerce platform, but you will miss all other advantages of having a website and you will have less control over the content and the design of your store compared to a self-hosted solution.

4. Increase your traffic.

Having a website can get more people to watch your videos. The natural traffic you can drive to your video content will make a difference if you are monetizing your videos. You can easily get more viewers and new subscribers.

In fact, it goes both ways as you can also drive more traffic to your website if you add a link to it in or under your videos on the platform you use. If you offer additional content or sell merchandise, every visitor matters.

5. Present a selection of your best videos.

You can create different pages on your website and embed videos, selecting and sorting them in any way you would like. Most watched videos, your top selection on some topic, or anything else you can think of – a website gives you the freedom to create categories of your choice and add any videos you would like. This way, you can promote certain videos and divide your content into topics without the need to create separate video channels.

6. Add written content.

A video channel usually limits you in terms of the written content you can have. You can add some description, but it shouldn’t be too long and people would not expect too much text if they want to watch a video. Sometimes, however, you may want to add an article related to a video, or even a transcript of the video. Alternatively, you may want to publish text that is not related to your video content at all, but you want to express it on the same place where you have your videos in order to take advantage of the large number of viewers/readers you can reach.

Even if you have a purely video-oriented website, you can have a separate blog page where you can share interesting information or any other written content you would like. Sometimes it is easier for people to go through some text than to watch a video, so you can only benefit from such publications. This is when having a website comes in very handy.

This is a popular website with video recipes. For even more content, they have a blog with various related categories.

7. Improve your SEO.

There are lots and lots of vloggers out there and search engines usually show only a few videos in their results. This is why a website can give you an advantage. Having more content, adding keywords, and editing meta tags and video alternative names, are all factors that can give your videos a small boost in search engine results. Once people end up on the site and they get interested in the videos you have shared there, it will be more likely for them to view videos directly on your channel.

In turn, more views usually result in videos being displayed higher in the search results of video platforms. This way, a website can indirectly give your videos a small boost.

8. Look more professional.

Your video channel may look professional, meaning that you can have well-structured description of your videos and some additional information. Any other channel will look the same, though, as you will be limited by the video platform you use in terms of text editing and layout.

Having a website will make you look more professional. It is the place where people can read more about you and the values you stand for. It is also something people will expect you to have if you are somebody to be trusted.

Can you build such a website with ICDSoft?

You can most certainly do that. Even if your strength is video editing and you have no experience building websites, you can create a professional website. One option is to use a multi-purpose platform like WordPress as you can easily embed videos and add various functions by installing plugins. You will find lots of plugins in the WordPress repository, but we can recommend a couple – WooCommerce to sell merchandise and YoastSEO if you want to improve your search engine optimization.

The other option is to use our user-friendly Website builder. The tool will allow you to build a website in no time and it comes with lots of functions and customization options that will help you to create a site even if you have no experience. Here is how you can do some of the things we have mentioned above:

  • Add a new page with a couple of clicks from Settings -> Add a New Subpage. Depending on what you need, you can choose a normal page, a shopping cart, a blog page, etc. If you want to create different categories of video pages, you can go ahead with the standard blank page.
  • Embed a video from Content -> Apps -> Video, where you can paste an URL from YouTube or Vimeo. If you use another video platform, most platforms usually offer embed code that you can add on your site if you go to Content -> Apps -> Custom HTML Code. This will allow you to add only the videos you want to appear on a particular page.
  • If you want to sell merchandise, go to Content -> Apps -> Shop. This module will allow you to add products with a few clicks, including description, images, etc. It supports more than 20 different payment methods, so you can choose the one you prefer. Adding delivery methods and a dedicated shop page on the site is just as easy.
  • You will find a number of other useful modules that you can use if you see fit. You can add paid downloadable videos or a slider with screenshots, for example.

Bonus: If you use our web hosting services for your website, not a cloud site builder, you can also create emails with your domain name. Using a branded email address is important when you have to communicate not only with viewers, but also with potential advertisers on your video channel. It will make your communication look far more professional as using personal messages on some platform is neither convenient, nor accepted as an official channel of communication.

In addition, if your channel is still relatively new and you don’t have a logo for it yet, you can create one using our Logo maker. The application is available in the Account panel and it is free of charge. You can design a logo from scratch or you can use thousands of ready objects. Download your new logo for free with standard quality, or for a small fee with high quality and in several different formats.

In Conclusion

Starting a video channel is easy; making it a successful one – not so much. You have to invest some time and efforts to create good content and sooner or later, you will have lots of viewers and subscribers. Nonetheless, there is one more thing you need – a website.

Whether you want to show a portfolio of your best videos, to divide your work into categories or to add some of your videos that simply won’t fit on your channel, you can create a website and arrange the videos in any way you see fit. A website will allow you to sell merchandise, to offer paid downloadable videos, and to reach more people and expand the number of your viewers. It will also give your channel an indirect SEO boost.

You can use any platform to build the website, but some are easier to use than others. We showed you how you can easily add pages and embed videos using our feature-rich Website builder. It will allow you to build your site and expand your web presence in no time.


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