ICDSoft has always been a unique value proposition in the hosting market. We build our own tools and systems, and we craft them to meet our and our clients' needs. We employ two software development teams, and a separate system development team, allowing us to add features without waiting for a third party to provide us with the update that most other hosting companies would get.

This is a recap of the new features, services, and improvements we have been working on in the past few months.

ICDSoft's Blog

This very blog is a brand-new addition to our corporate presence. Our aim with this blog is to showcase all the new features we offer, providing good business advice to our customers, and be generally helpful with the problems every website owner may have. And yes, it is built on WordPress.

Increased Discounts for Our Resellers

The discounts for our resellers were adjusted at the beginning of the year, and now they reach 90% for new accounts, and up to 50% for account renewals. We think this change will enable our resellers to grow their business faster, and allow them to keep good profit margins. Get full information about our reseller discounts at:

Online Stores Integration

This is a unique offering of our reseller program. The basic building blocks are:

  • The Online Stores section in the reseller Account Panel, giving you full access to our product tree and allowing you to set your own prices for each of our products
  • The Order Widget package, which you place on your website. This is an all-in-one script which will display hosting order forms, and hosting renewal forms to your visitors, with the pricing you set. It takes full advantage of the API we have for our program, and if you find that it doesn't fit your website well, you could instead take advantage of the API calls themselves and integrate them directly.

Automatic Renewal Reminders

After you set up your online store and pricing structure, we will send automatic renewal notices to your customers. This basically gives you full auto-pilot functionality for the hosting part of your business. You can forget about handling renewal mails, and chasing clients through Excel spreadsheets. Everything is automated.

Brand-New Hardware Platform

At the moment, we are conducting the biggest hardware upgrade of our hosting platform. We have purchased top-of-the-line hardware and networking gear, and our system administrators are working around the clock, upgrading all our servers. Here are some specs taken from a live server:

  • 2 x 18 core Intel Xeon Gold 6140 CPUs
  • 256 GB DDR4 RAM
  • Full enterprise-grade SSD RAID 6 arrays

New Data Center Building

In the planning stages of our hardware upgrade, we decided that this would be a good time to move our servers to the brand new data center building adjacent to our existing facility that our partners had built. This new building comes with all the updates to data center technology you would expect from new construction, so we took the opportunity and all upgraded servers are now in the upgraded, new data center.

Additional Backups - Every 12 hours!

Our new hardware platform also brings an improved backup system. Every server that is being upgraded to our new platform gets two daily backups spread 12 hours apart. Coupled with our quick and free restore manager available in the online Control Panel, this makes our backup system a unique proposition in the shared hosting world.

Business Plus Plan

Customers have been asking us to fill the gap between our shared plans and our First Class plans for some time. We understand that the First Class plans are quite a big jump in price, but they come with the hardware to back the price up. Since the introduction of our First Class plans, we have been monitoring the pricing of such services, and we have managed to stay competitive in the high performance and high volume website hosting category. With the Business Plus plan, enabled in parts by our new hardware platform, we fill the gap and create a middle-ground for websites that need that little over our standard shared plans.

Affiliate Program

Another new addition to our platform, providing you with an additional revenue channel you can utilize to grow your business. In summary, becoming an affiliate gives you:

  • 95% commission on shared hosting plans.
  • No minimum payout amount.
  • No payment withhold period.

You can check the full details and register for our affiliate program at https://www.icdsoft.com/en/affiliate

Free Site Migrations

We will move all your data for you and ensure that everything is working properly. To start the process, you just need to provide us with the login details for your old hosting provider in a support ticket.

Domain Transfer Orders are Now Available in the Reseller Account Panel

You can now easily order domain transfers through the “Order / Transfer” section in the online reseller Account Panel. This allows you to quickly order transfers, without having to contact our support team.

Live Chat

While this is mainly a pre-sales communication channel, the same support team is now available via live chat to answer any quick questions you may have. You can find it in the lower right corner of our website - https://www.icdsoft.com

Reseller Statistics

A new section in our reseller interface, providing you with a quick overview of the trends of your reseller business.

A New Educational Hosting Plan

This plan is just the beginning of a project to expand our services to educators, students, and MOOCs. You can check all its details at:


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