We are happy to announce that the nominations for the .eu Web Awards - hosted annually by the official .eu registrar EURid - are open, and any resident of an European Union Member State, Liechtenstein, Iceland or Norway, who is 18 or older, can nominate their preferred .eu website to one of the five categories. The online competition, which started in 2014, is intended to honor and appreciate the best websites using the .eu or .ею extensions. The main goal of this competition is to increase visibility for the participating websites, as seen in the awards, including a two-month advertising campaign in the Brussels Airport!


The nominations are split into five distinct categories:

  • The Leaders - a category that honors established businesses with more than 10 employees. Any site for an established national company could be nominated here.
  • The Rising Stars - a category that honors start-ups and/or entrepreneurs with 1 to 10 employees. This could be your new project, or even your personal site, assuming that you are an entrepreneur involved with start-up work.
  • The Laurels - a category that honors educational, institutional, and/or pan-European ongoing projects. This could be the website for your high school or university, which you can host with us for free with our special offer for Educational institutions - find out more here.
  • The House of .eu - a category that honors news, media, entertainment websites, as well as blogs. These could be either companies, or private sites run by a single person, as long as they are involved with news and media.
  • The Better World - a category that honors environmental, green, and/or ecological projects. Aside from a stand-alone project, this could also be the site for the ecological initiatives within your organization.

The Nomination Process

Participating in the nomination and award process is free, and since there are no downsides to this process, we fully encourage it. As long as you have a beautiful and impactful .eu website, you should absolutely nominate it. In addition to all the visibility that your site can gain through the marketing initiatives in the prize packages, if you and your site are among the 15 finalists, you will be invited to the prestigious .eu Web Awards Gala, held in Brussels, Belgium on November 20th, 2019.

Aside from being an EU resident and being over 18 years of age, the only real requirement is that you have a website associated with an .eu domain name, which you can easily do over our official site at ICDSoft.com. Once that prerequisite is checked, you can simply fill out the nomination form at the official .eu Web Awards site. The nominations are open until August 1st, 2019.

Each nominated website will be evaluated first, and the owners will be contacted before the site gets published as a nominee. After a site has been nominated, everyone on the Internet will be able to vote for it in its category, which is why owners of nominated websites should spread the word about the awards through their social media and other channels. In each category, the three eligible websites with the most votes will be the Finalists, and they will be revealed on September 3rd, 2019. Finally, the winners in each category will be announced at the Web Awards Gala on November 20th, 2019.

Set Up a Winning Site in 5 Steps

  1. Sign up for a new hosting account with an .eu domain for just €4 at ICDSoft.com.
  2. Make sure that the "Install WordPress on the account" option is checked during registration.
  3. Choose from one of thousands of free, quality templates available at WordPress.org.
  4. Start filling your new site with quality content.
  5. That's really everything that you need to jump-start your journey to the .eu Web Awards Gala! Just don't forget to fill in your nomination form before the start of August.


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