We are proud to announce that we have just released a refresh of our hosting control panel software. The new design utilizes the bigger screens of the modern computers better, provides better readability with larger fonts and offers a modern flat interface.

For those that are accustomed to the previous design, we have an alternative classic theme that resembles the previous design, but offers the advantages of the new one.

A lot of our customers requested a dark theme that is easier on the eyes, especially for those late night working sessions, so we added such a theme as of June 20, 2019.

How do the themes look like

Control Panel Modern Theme
Modern Theme
Control Panel Classic Theme
Classic Theme
Control Panel Dark Theme
Dark Theme

We do things our own way

At ICDSoft, it is our habit to do things our own way. While we can't really have our own replacement of the core hosting software, such as the web server or e-mail server, we have opted to develop our own control panel software, our own Webmail and our own account management system.

Back in 2001 when we started our business, we had the option to start using one of the control panel software packages that were available then, such as cPanel, or start developing our own control panel software. At that point of time, all of the available packages were at a fairly early stage of their development, and they did not offer a lot of features. But this was not what prompted us to make the decision to develop our own control panel software. It was our drive to make things better. We did this, so we could add features at our own pace, and not wait for the control panel company to develop them. This way, we were able to customize our hosting system in any way we need, without restrictions imposed by the requirements of the third party control panel. All of these still hold true today.

Custom icons

We have adopted the same attitude when redesigning our control panel software. We wanted to keep the familiar simple clean look of the previous design, but refresh it with a modern flat design and new icons matching the new design. In the spirit of our company, we did not just buy a generic icon set online, but had them hand drawn by our designers. The same as the icons of our previous design that are used in the classic theme.

The benefits

We have tweaked the new design in many aspects to improve the experience of our customers. The new design offers several advantages over the previous one, but probably the two most important points are:

  • The design is wider. This better suits modern screens. That way, we can show you more of the information you need.
  • The font is bigger. This certainly helps alleviate eye strain from working with computer screens.

The classic theme

We know that many of our customers are so used to the previous design, that it would help their productivity if we don't change the design much. We added the classic theme for them. It is using the same color scheme and icons as the previous design, while taking advantage of the benefits of the new one.

Demo Control Panel

If you are not our customer, but you are interested in previewing our hosting control panel, you can find a demo at https://icdsoft.com/democp.

As always, we appreciate any feedback for our services, so feel free to contact us if you have any questions or comments.


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