Feb 21, 2022

Better Site Management With ICDSoft's Improved WordPress Section

Over 40% of all websites on the Internet are powered by WordPress. This makes it the most popular tool for building websites, which is why we've made sure WordPress runs great on our servers. It's also why we offer free WordPress management tools via the WordPress section in our hosting Control Panel. Today, this section gets a major update. We have improved and optimized quite a few things under the hood, and we have also introduced some new features to help all ICDSoft customers manage their WordPress sites more easily and efficiently.

New Merge Feature for Staging

The option to create multiple staging environments is one of the most popular features in the WordPress section of the ICDSoft hosting Control Panel, and rightly so. Using a staging site is the best way to test updates and new features without affecting the live site. And now, we've got a major improvement in the staging department - when pushing to live, ICDSoft customers can opt to merge the staging copy with any content, like posts, pages, comments and attachments, which might have been created on the live site.

One-click Login for Admin Users

Now ICDSoft customers can use the Log in button next to each admin user under "WordPress administrators" to access the WordPress dashboard with a single click. The login itself is automatic, does not require typing the user password, and the generated link works only one time.

New Scan and Manage Screen

We improved the scan and management interfaces to improve the workflow and navigation. Now, ICDSoft customers can see all managed WordPress installations directly when visiting the section and easily add new ones for management with the Scan option.

Automatic Fix Option for Common Database Issues

The system will now detect and offer ICDSoft customers to automatically fix any of the following WordPress database problems:

  • a non-existent MySQL user defined in wp-config.php
  • the MySQL user defined in wp-config.php does not have sufficient privileges
  • the database password in wp-config.php is incorrect
  • the database tables need repairing

Rollback When an Operation Fails

If a certain operation fails, the system will try to revert it. If this is not possible, the website can be restored manually from a backup made automatically before the operation was initiated.

Faster Interface, Command History

When using the WordPress section, the system caches the results of executed commands to speed up the overall loading times and improve the experience of ICDSoft's customers. We also keep a history of the WP-CLI commands which the system executes when perform various actions are performed through the WordPress section (we use WP-CLI wherever possible). The history is kept in the /home/YOUR_USERNAME/.wp-cli/history.log file on the hosting account.

Along with the above new major features, there are also a few others worth mentioning - ICDSoft customers can now select the language for a new WordPress installation; the system automatically creates a backup before performing various important actions; more time-consuming tasks are performed in the background.

WordPress will continue to grow in popularity, and we will continue to work hard on improving our current WordPress management tools, as well as adding new ones in the future.