Jan 19, 2023

Easier WordPress Site Administration with Our Improved WordPress Manager

We are starting the new year with some major improvements to the WordPress section in our hosting Control Panel, which is now called WordPress Manager. Here's a quick summary of what has been updated and improved:

  • When a user logs in to their Control Panel, we now check the hosting account for WordPress installations that have not been imported to WordPress Manager. If we find some, we show a notification with a convenient button to scan and import them.
  • Users can now enable/disable our Server-side Caching feature with a single click directly from the WordPress management page. When they activate this feature, the system also installs the Server-Side Cache AutoPurge WordPress plugin, which automatically clears the cache when the user makes changes to the website content.
  • There is now an automatic check for outdated plugins with 1-click options to review and update them.
  • WordPress backups now have descriptions, and they are editable.
  • The Tools section has been rearranged and enhanced with some new helpful instruments. For example, we now check whether users have set a recent PHP version and the recommended PHP handler (FPM with OPcache), and whether our WordPress optimizations are enabled.

WordPress continues to grow in popularity, and it will remain a major focus for us in 2023. We will continue to work hard to bring even more tools and features that will help our customers simplify the management of their WordPress sites.

So, if you are looking to start a new WordPress-based project, or you already have a WordPress site hosted elsewhere, now would be a great time to get a new hosting account from ICDSoft. Our hosting plans are fully optimized for WordPress and include lots of features out of the box:

  • Amazing WordPress hosting prices for new accounts and great discounts upon renewal.
  • Blazing WordPress speed thanks to our optimized setup, featuring technologies like FPM with OPcache and server-side caching. There is a reason why ICDSoft earned the Top Tier WordPress Hosting Performance Award in the most extensive independent WordPress benchmarks.
  • Free WordPress migration to our servers, free SSL certificates, free daily backups.
  • Our WordPress Manager which helps you simplify various administrative tasks, such as copying/moving an installation, creating a staging instance and pushing it to live, updating the WordPress core and outdated plugins, creating and restoring backups, and many more.
  • Expert WordPress support by seasoned professionals ready to help you 24/7/365.