Jul 27, 2022

ICDSoft Has Earned the 2022 Top Tier WordPress Hosting Performance Award

Here at ICDSoft we know our way around WordPress, and we take special care when optimizing our infrastructure and system software for the best possible WordPress performance. Along with that, we have a WordPress toolkit that allows users to quickly and easily install and manage a WordPress-based site.

We could go on about the WordPress optimization and management features we provide at no extra cost for each hosting plan, as well as throw in some well-deserved praise about our support experts who help users with various WordPress issues. However, instead of patting ourselves on the back (which we should totally do more often), today we would like to focus on some independent benchmarks.

WordPress Hosting Performance Benchmarks 2022

ReviewSignal.com is an independent website that performs arguably the most respected WordPress benchmarks. Naturally, we wanted to test our setup against the competition. We entered the benchmarks in 2021, and we got a pretty decent result for a first timer (an Honorable Mention). However, we were not satisfied with this, and we continued optimizing our setup for even faster WordPress performance.

Well, the 2022 WordPress benchmark results are out, and ICDSoft has earned the Top Tier WordPress Hosting Performance Award. We are proud of the results and very happy that our efforts paid off. Here's what the author had to say about the 2022 ICDSoft WordPress benchmark results:

"ICDSoft had the fastest login average and tied for fastest wp-login speed, it also had the second fastest page and third fastest p95 on the Load Storm test. ICDSoft was on the faster end of the spectrum on the Static test as well. They kept their uptime above 99.9%. ICDSoft definitely upped their game from last year where they earned an Honorable Mention; this year ICDSoft deserves the Top Tier recognition for their performance. Well done."

What Do These Results Mean for ICDSoft Users?

As we always do our best to continuously optimize and improve our hosting setup, all our clients, regardless of what hosting plan they use and how much they pay, benefit from increased website performance, better website management tools, and great user experience overall.

What we are especially proud of is that while our performance results are amazing, our price is one of the lowest of all tested providers (and this is even without taking into account our hosting discounts). This means that ICDSoft clients get an exceptional price-to-performance WordPress experience. But this is not all. The Review Signal benchmarking methodology requires that all hosting packages be as close to default as possible. So all tests were performed with basically default settings, which means there is even more speed that could be potentially squeezed out with some fine-tuning and custom settings on a per-site basis (for example, by using newer PHP versions such as PHP 8 and PHP 8.1, or by completely disabling callbacks to wp-cron.php and replacing them with a cron job).

What About WooCommerce?

This year we also took part in the WooCommerce benchmarks, and we got an Honorable Mention. WooCommerce is an eCommerce platform for WordPress, and it usually requires a more expensive and specifically tuned hosting service, which determines the usually high prices of WooCommerce-specific services. In this test, we entered our Business plan, which is the plan used by most of our customers, and thus shows what most of you can expect from your hosting service. The results this plan showed are amazing for its price tier ($10/month - and, again, this is without our increasing discounts) and it shows that it is a great choice for hosting your WooCommerce store.