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Jun 21, 2022

New Addition to Our Productivity Suite - Notifications for Slack

We have some good news for anyone who uses Slack and has services with us. We developed a new application that will send you notifications about expiring services directly in Slack.

Why an App for Slack?

Slack is a multi-platform messaging solution that helps people improve their workflow by bringing all work communication into one place. If you are already using Slack, receiving service expiration reminders directly there will be a great productivity boost, as you will be quickly notified about an expiring service and you'll be able to renew it immediately. With our Slack notifications, you also significantly reduce the chance of forgetting to renew a service and experiencing downtime as a result.

The ICDSoft App for Slack

Our app for Slack is called ICDSoft Web Hosting and you can find more information about it on our website:

Boost Your Productivity With the ICDSoft Web Hosting App for Slack

To use the app, simply connect your Slack account to your ICDSoft account via the Account Panel > Productivity > Notifications for Slack. That's it! From now on you will receive messages from ICDSoft about expiring services directly in Slack.