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Apr 24, 2020

New Webmail Client Available - Roundcube Webmail

We are happy to announce the availability of a new webmail client for all our users.

A new and improved webmail client was one of the features our users requested the most. We have chosen a great open-source email program - Roundcube, as the base for our new webmail client. Some of the most notable features the Roundcube email client has to offer are:

- Drag-and-drop message management
- Responsive interface with mobile device support
- Three-column view, similar to desktop email programs
- Multiple sender identities
- Full-featured address book with groups
- Threaded message listing
- Spell checking
- Canned response templates
- Available in multiple languages
- Attachment previews
- Find-as-you-type address book integration
- Searching messages and contacts

The interface of the Roundcube Webmail client is more akin to a standard desktop email program, with a three-column view, drag-and-drop support, and responsive design (for mobile device compatibility):

To start using the new Roundcube Webmail interface, just select the "Roundcube Webmail (new)" option at the ICDSoft Webmail login screen.

For everyone who wishes to continue using our current webmail client - rest assured that the current Webmail interface, now called Webmail Classic, will remain on our servers and will continue to be actively supported.

We have a brand new section in our online documentation dedicated to webmail. You can check it at: