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Jul 19, 2022

New MySQL 5 to MySQL 8 Migration Tool Now Available in the ICDSoft Hosting Control Panel

We recently introduced MySQL 8 on all ICDSoft servers, and many people have already migrated their databases to the new MySQL version. Now, to help even more people move to MySQL 8, we are introducing a new MySQL converter that can upgrade your MySQL 5 databases to MySQL 8 and can also automatically switch your WordPress installations to MySQL 8.

MySQL 8 Database Converter

The new tool is available in the hosting Control Panel > MySQL Databases section. If you have any MySQL 5 databases, you will see a Convert to MySQL 8 button for each one. You can also go to the Database converter tab to access the new tool.

Once you convert a MySQL 5 database, you will have to manually reconfigure your application to work with the new MySQL 8 database. You can use the Search feature of the tool to find and edit the files that contain the database name.

WordPress Database Conversion

If your website is based on WordPress, it is even easier to switch to MySQL 8. That can be done via the WordPress section in the hosting Control Panel. Simply go to the management page for your WordPress installation by clicking the Edit (pencil) icon, and then click the Convert to MySQL 8 button you will see in the Info section for the installation. That's it! The system will take care of the MySQL conversion and WordPress reconfiguration for you.

What Happens with MySQL 5 Databases after Conversion?

The conversion process does not affect the MySQL 5 database that is being converted. Once a MySQL 5 database gets converted to MySQL 8, it remains fully functional. Still, to avoid any future confusion and keep your account clean and organized, after you are sure your application works properly with the new MySQL 8 database, it is recommended that you back up and delete the old MySQL 5 one.