Aug 28, 2023

ICDSoft Has Won the Top Tier WordPress Performance Award for the Second Year in a Row

At ICDSoft, we put a lot of time and effort into enhancing our WordPress hosting services as we know how popular WordPress is. The number of people choosing WordPress as a website platform only continues to increase, and there are no signs this trend will end in the near future.

This year alone we updated our WordPress toolkit twice with new useful tools and features, such as one-click updates for outdated plugins, debugging tools, one-click WordPress core reinstallation, and more. Check out the following news articles for more information:

We are happy to announce that our hard work and commitment to always improve our hosting services have once again delivered impressive results. ICDSoft has won the independent Top Tier WordPress hosting performance award for the second consecutive year. You can find more information, as well as the full benchmark results, at the WordPress Hosting Performance Benchmarks website:

Here's what Kevin Ohashi, the author and driving force behind these exhaustive benchmarks, had to say about ICDSoft in 2023:

ICDSoft stepped up their game last year and didn't let up. ICDSoft had the fastest wp-login, Page and Login speed on the Load Storm test. It also had the third fastest p95. The Static test went smoothly. Uptime was 100% and 99.9924%. It's great to see ICDSoft maintain consistency and earn back to back Top Tier awards.

All tests were done on a standard shared hosting plan from ICDSoft. This means that whether you have an existing WordPress site or you want to start a new project, you can enjoy outstanding performance and stability out of the box when you host it with ICDSoft.

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