Dec 12, 2023

Manage All Your WordPress Sites from the ICDSoft Account Panel with WordPress MultiManager

We are excited to announce our new solution designed to streamline productivity for WordPress users - WordPress MultiManager! Accessible through the ICDSoft Account Panel, this new tool is available now and is completely free.

With WordPress MultiManager, you can effortlessly manage multiple WordPress sites from one centralized location, regardless of where they are hosted. To make this happen, we developed our own WordPress plugin - MultiManager WP. It serves as the bridge between WordPress MultiManager and your WordPress sites, ensuring efficient control and simplified administration.

Here's a quick summary of some of the key features of WordPress MultiManager:

  • Hassle-free site connection - simply enter your site address, log in to your WordPress Dashboard, approve the connection, connect the site. You don't even have to install our plugin - WordPress MultiManager does this automatically for you.
  • Quick site overview - stay on top of your WordPress sites with a quick summary showing important information such as available core, plugin, and theme updates.
  • Easy bulk updates - save time by executing bulk core, plugin, and theme updates for multiple WordPress sites at once.
  • Plugin and theme control - manage plugins and themes effortlessly - view all installed plugins/themes and activate, deactivate, or install selected ones on one or more sites.
  • Simplified user management - see, edit, and delete users; add new users with specific roles across multiple sites at once.
  • 1-click dashboard access - log in to the Dashboard of each connected WordPress site with a single click.
  • Site grouping - organize your sites efficiently by creating customizable site groups for easier management.
  • Useful email notifications - stay informed via email notifications for available core, plugin and theme updates and disconnected sites.

WordPress MultiManager eliminates the hassle of navigating through numerous browser tabs and keeping track of various login credentials scattered across different platforms. It simplifies your WordPress sites management, bringing efficiency and control to your workflow. Find out more about WordPress MultiManager at: