Aug 4, 2022

New Productivity Features in Roundcube Webmail - Calendars and Tasks

We recently introduced "Copy mailbox" - a tool that allows ICDSoft users to copy the contents of a mailbox directly from their hosting Control Panel. This tool is especially useful when you want to switch from an email provider such as Gmail to your own mailbox with ICDSoft.

But what if you have calendars and want to move them along with your messages? Or what if you want to create and use new calendars with your email accounts with us? Now we have a solution to that as well - meet the Calendars tool for Roundcube Webmail.


To access the new tool, you need to log in to your mailbox with Roundcube Webmail. Once you do this, you will see the Calendars option in the left pane. Click it, and you will be able to create and manage calendars and calendar events right away.

Todos (Tasks)

Our Calendars tool also allows you to create and manage tasks. The feature is called Todos and can be accessed via Roundcube Webmail > Calendars > Todos tab. A todo is basically a task that needs action. Once you complete this action, you can mark the todo task as completed.

Calendar Sharing and Synchronization

The Calendars tool uses the CalDAV protocol, which is an Internet standard for accessing and managing calendars. What this means is that you can use Calendars to share and manage calendar data with any app that supports CalDAV. This includes some of the most popular mail clients such as Mozilla Thunderbird. This way you can manage your calendars across multiple devices and take full advantage of the calendaring features for both personal and business needs.

Importing/Exporting Calendars

As we mentioned at the beginning, you can use the Calendars tool to import your calendar events from other providers such as Gmail. To do this, you simply need to export your calendar in an iCalendar format (a file in this format will have the .ics file extension). But you can do this the other way around as well - you can export your calendar data from your mailbox at ICDSoft and import it to your account with Gmail, for example.

You can find more information about managing calendars in our documentation: Integrated calendar.

We hope the new calendaring features will boost our users' productivity by helping them keep up with daily events and tasks more efficiently.