Aug 2, 2023

Our Social Media Backup Service - SocialSync - No Longer Supports Twitter

In the last few months there have been a lot of changes at Twitter. One important (and very controversial) change that directly affects developers providing Twitter-related services and apps is the transition of the Twitter API to a subscription-based business model for monetization. Basically, developers are faced with one of two options - either pay Twitter an exorbitant amount of money monthly for the level of access they need for their service to function normally, or discontinue the service they provide.

After reviewing the limited options Twitter has provided in terms of access levels and monthly fees, we have decided to discontinue support for their platform in SocialSync. Our clients will no longer be able to connect or sync a Twitter account in SocialSync. The data for each account that is already connected will not be deleted and will remain on the server for as long as the hosting account remains active, or until the user chooses to delete the data.

SocialSync is a service that we offer at no additional cost. We provide it as a free extra feature on top of all other features included in our hosting plans. The primary goal of SocialSync has always been to provide an easy and free option for our users to archive their social accounts. All users also have the option to quickly and automatically create and publish a website with their posts. These options will remain available for Facebook and Instagram in the future.