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Nov 25, 2009

Yet another plan upgrade

Earlier this week, we increased the resources of our Business plan for customers on US-based servers. The new disk space quota is 50GB (upgraded from 10GB), and the new monthly traffic is 500GB (upgraded from 200GB). All existing accounts were upgraded automatically at no additional cost. We believe that this upgrade will give to our Business customers more options for the development of their sites.

Feb 25, 2009

95,000 domains hosted

Today the number of domains hosted on our servers reached 95,000.

In these days "crisis" is a common word in many countries. It has actually become a part of the daily life for many people in companies. The countries hit most by the world economy crisis are the countries from which most of our customers come from. Given that, one should expect that the crisis would have a major impact on our business.

Despite of the world crisis which brought down many businesses, the number of our customers is growing steadily, at the same rate as the last several years. A major factor for that is our non-extensive marketing policy - instead of spending resources on attracting new customers, we concentrate our efforts in providing excellent service to our existing customers at reasonable prices. Thus, besides the fact that very few customers consider the option to leave our service, our numerous happy customers are our best marketing agents.

Our customers will always be our top priority care. We will keep the usual high level of our hosting and support services and we plan to add many new features to our hosting setup.

We are looking forward to customer 100,000 on our servers!

Jan 22, 2009

100-Day Money-Back Guarantee

The Full 100-Day Money-Back Guarantee for our hosting services is now a fact. We have decided to increase the period from 60 to 100 days, so that our customers have even more time to test our service.

The decision about this came quite easy as it was supported by three main points:

  1. There are customers who do not start building their sites right after purchasing a hosting account. Some of them need more time to evaluate the hosting service they use. Having a larger Money-Back Guarantee period is always of use.
  2. We offer hosting service of a very high quality and we constantly strive to increase this quality. The 99.98% combined uptime of our servers and network, and the 5 minute customer support response time are indisputable facts about our company. We believe that we give no reasons to our customers to be unhappy with our hosting service.
  3. The large base of our loyal customers gives us the financial stability, needed for a company when it has to guarantee its services for such a period. The clean balance sheet of ICDSoft, the lack of any debts in it and the substantial reserves we have, are a guarantee that we will be able to fulfil our promise.

There is even more about our Guarantee:
Our Full Money-Back Guarantee does not cover only payments for new hosting accounts. It is valid for ALL PAYMENTS of our customers, including renewals. Again, we are able to offer this simply because our customers do not have reasons to leave our service.

Nov 25, 2008

cPanel importer launched

We are glad to announce that we have introduced a new tool that allows our customers to transfer their sites from cPanel-enabled hosts. All you have to do is backup your site at the old host using cPanel, and then import the backup file to your account with us using the cPanel Importer tool in the Migration section of your control panel. It is that easy to transfer your site!

Nov 13, 2008

Gallery software released

We have launched a new Gallery script to help our customers, who wish to share pictures online. The Gallery script can be installed easily through the Scripts section in the online Control Panel. It is developed entirely by our programmers, which ensures maximum security and compatibility with our system. As always, if you have any questions about installing the Gallery script, do not hesitate to contact our support team.