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Mar 26, 2020

Increased CPU resources for VPS plans

To help our VPS plans deal even better with the significantly increased traffic these days, we added more CPU power to our SmartVPS (+1 CPU core), SmartVPS Pro (+2 CPU cores), First Class (+2 CPU cores), and Ultimate (+2 CPU cores) VPS plans.

You can check our VPS hosting pages for more information about the resources and features you get when you purchase a VPS from ICDSoft:

Managed VPS Hosting

Managed Single-Site SSD VPS

Mar 20, 2020

ICDSoft now provides compensation for unused time at previous host

We now offer free months of hosting to customers moving from another provider where they have an unused period of their hosting subscription. To receive the compensation, clients must provide proof of the remaining time with the previous provider such as screenshots showing service due date, service-related receipts/invoices, or similar.

The maximum free hosting period we can add depends on the hosting plan:

- For shared hosting plans - up to 6 months.
- For VPS hosting plans - up to 1 month.

To request the compensation, clients must submit a support ticket through the ICDSoft Account Panel and include the proof of remaining time with the previous host. The request must be submitted during the first 30 days of a new hosting subscription. More information is available in our FAQ section.

We hope that this new complementary feature, combined with our great prices and free site migrations, will make the switch to ICDSoft even easier.

Mar 11, 2020

ICDSoft's response to the COVID-19 pandemic

At ICDSoft, we have a high level of preparedness for such events.

Our company has been employing a Work From Home policy since 2009. Many team members are spread around the world and have been working completely remotely for years now.

Since the beginning of March, all team members have been working from the comfort of their homes.

In case of a full lockdown, we have a remote location which we can use as a remote office. The location is provisioned with satellite and fiber internet connections, and it can provide all necessities to all team members and their families.

We didn't want to send a separate email about this as nothing really changes for us. Still, we know that people are rightfully worried, and we want to assure all of you that ICDSoft will continue operating 24/7, with no disruptions or changes.

Mar 3, 2020

All Let's Encrypt Certificates Affected by the CAA Rechecking Bug Have Been Reissued

On February 29, 2020, Let’s Encrypt found a bug in their Certificate Authority Authorization (CAA) code related to their CA software called Boulder. Over three million certificates issued by Let's Encrypt were affected. The bug itself, as per the official 2020.02.29 CAA Rechecking Bug thread, was:

The bug: when a certificate request contained N domain names that needed CAA rechecking, Boulder would pick one domain name and check it N times. What this means in practice is that if a subscriber validated a domain name at time X, and the CAA records for that domain at time X allowed Let’s Encrypt issuance, that subscriber would be able to issue a certificate containing that domain name until X+30 days, even if someone later installed CAA records on that domain name that prohibit issuance by Let’s Encrypt.

All hosting plans we offer include free SSL certificates by Let's Encrypt, and a lot of our customers use them, which meant that many websites would be affected.

At ICDSoft we take such issues very seriously, and our team took immediate action. We checked for any affected certificates on our servers in order to reissue them accordingly. There were 128 SSL certificates that had been affected by the CAA rechecking bug, and they have all been successfully reissued. As a result, no customer of ICDSoft experienced any SSL-related issues caused by this bug and the subsequent revocation by Let's Encrypt of all affected certificates.

Feb 26, 2020

.CLUB domain registrations and transfers now available

As of today, .CLUB domains are available for registration and transfer through ICDSoft.

Anyone is free to register a .CLUB domain name, and a lot of people already use it for various websites covering a wide array of topics and interests.

How much for a .CLUB domain?

We sell .CLUB domain names at wholesale prices. This is valid for all domain name registrations offered by ICDSoft. Take a look at our domain pricing list for more information.

Why .CLUB?

We offer the most common TLDs such as .com, .net, and .org, as well as popular ccTLDs such as .us, .ca, and So why add .CLUB to the list of available domains? Well, the answer is rather simple - we did it because one of our new reseller partners asked about it. Along with all websites they had with other providers, they wanted to move all domain registrations to us as well.

Our system is quite flexible, and as long as a certain TLD is supported by our registrar, and it does not have any special requirements, adding support for it takes literally an hour from staging to production, along with all tests required along the way!

Any other TLDs coming soon?

We are always open to adding new TLDs to our portfolio, as long as there is demand. So, if you are a web agency or a developer/designer with some websites that you are looking to move over along with the domains, with ICDSoft you will find a stable partner that will do its best to accommodate your and your customers' needs. Just get in touch with our team and tell us what you need.