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Dec 22, 2018

50% discount on new hosting services for Christmas and New Year

To celebrate the Christmas and New Year festive season, we start another promotion on ICDSoft.com - all new hosting plans are with 50% discount for their first billing period. This includes the first year of service for shared hosting plans and the first month of service for WebApps and Managed-VPS plans.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from ICDSoft!

Dec 12, 2018

WebApps servers now available in all datacenters

We would like to announce that the WebApps platform and its related hosting plans are now available in our Hong Kong and European datacenters as well. Thus, customers can choose any of our server locations to host their Node.js or custom applications.

WebApps is a development-type platform that allows you to run custom environments. Unlike our shared hosting servers, it allows customers to configure and run specific environments and run processes in the background. Node.js is fully supported and managed server-side. Customers can install other environments such as Django, Go, or Ruby.

More information about the WebApps platform can be found here:


Nov 29, 2018

Free disk space upgrade for First Class accounts in US and Europe

Following recent hardware upgrades on our managed VPS platform, we are now able to offer larger disk space on First Class servers at the same price.

As of today, the disk space of First Class accounts in our US and European datacenters is upgraded from 100 GB to 200 GB. This doubled disk space comes at no additional cost for our customers, as the price of the plan is not modified in any way. All our servers are equipped with RAID6 arrays of SSDs, with daily system backup kept for 15 days, and completely free full or partial restores from them.

We hope that this free upgrade will give our First Class customers more options for the development of their sites.



Nov 16, 2018

Free Site Migration service

Moving a site from one hosting provider to another could be a challenging task. Sometimes, the completion of this task could even be a stopper to move your site to a hosting service with higher quality.

Besides the uptime and the stability of the hosting service, offering proper assistance to customers has always been our top priority.

In this regard, to better assist customers with the challenge of moving a site between providers, we have established a new service - Site Migration. With this free service, our experienced support staff will copy the site from the previous host and will configure it to work on ICDSoft servers.

For more information you can check our FAQ about the Site Migration service.

Nov 15, 2018

New hosting at ICDSoft is now with 75% discount

We are starting a promotion on our website. New hosting accounts, on all plans in all datacenters, are now at just 25% of their basic listed price.

To line up this promotion with existing customers and resellers, they can also get new hosting services at a quarter of their discounted price - the volume discounts for resellers are combined with the new 75% discount. For example, resellers with six and more accounts now can purchase new hosting services at the Reseller Panel for as low as $1.8 USD for a full year of service (Economy plan, US).

More information about our standard reseller volume discounts can be found here:


The promotion will be valid until December 12, 2018, so if you are shopping for hosting services, now you can get a new hosting account from ICDSoft at a very low price.