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Jun 21, 2019

Official WordPress plugin for online stores

We are proud to announce that we have released an official WordPress plugin called "ICDSoft Reseller Store". As the name suggests, the plugin is aimed at our current and future reseller partners, allowing them to quickly and easily add pages for (re)selling hosting services on their WordPress-based websites.

To use the "ICDSoft Reseller Store" plugin, you need to be a registered ICDSoft reseller and have an Online Store with us. Even if you are new to our services and don't have a reseller account with us yet, don't worry, the plugin will help you sign up and create your own Online Store with just a few clicks.

For more information on how to use the plugin, please check the ICDSoft Reseller Store FAQ.

Jun 20, 2019

A dark theme for the hosting Control Panel is now available

We have a new, dark theme for our online Control Panel. The new theme is called simply Dark. Users can switch to the new theme via the Theme drop-down menu in the Control Panel.

Our designers have also optimized the icons on the Control Panel's main screen for Retina displays. The icon optimizations affect the Modern and Dark themes.

May 29, 2019

New design for the hosting Control Panel

We are happy to announce that we have redesigned our hosting Control Panel. It now has a new and improved design that is better-suited to utilize the displays of modern computers.

There are two themes currently available - Classic and Modern. The Classic theme resembles the previous design of the Control Panel, whereas the Modern theme features a modern flat interface. ICDSoft customers can switch between the themes from the upper right corner of their hosting Control Panel.

May 15, 2019

ICDSoft featured on HostingAdvice.com

Our company has been featured in a blog post on the HostingAdvice.com website. Their mission is to inform and educate people about web hosting, so when they offered to write an article about ICDSoft, we gladly accepted.

ICDSoft is a truly unique hosting company in so many ways, and we hope this blog post will help spread the word about our company values and business philosophy. Follow the link below to read the blog post, it will be worth your while:

How ICDSoft Helps Customers Grow Their Websites

May 3, 2019

Special price for 10-year .EU domain registrations

To celebrate Europe Day, EURid, the global registry for .EU domains, is running a special promotion. For a limited time, they offer 10-year registrations of new .EU domains for only 10 EUR. ICDSoft is an EURid-accredited registrar, and we have decided to pass the 10 EUR price promotion directly to our customers.

A .EU domain name is more likely to be available than a .COM one, giving you a better chance to get the domain name you really want. The special price will be valid until May 11, 2019.

To register a .EU domain, you have to provide a valid address in a country in the European Union. So, if you are based in the EU, hurry up and register your .EU domain now, for only 10 EUR for 10 years.