New Reseller Panel interface

A new version of the Reseller Panel interface is now available to our resellers. It comes with a new design and additional features, such as improved order history, account balance refills and payments from the balance, as well as an overdraft feature for larger resellers.

Our resellers are a vital part of our company business model and vision for the future. Our own marketing budget has always been near zero, as we direct our efforts and resources towards the hosting service itself. Although we do not have sales staff in our office, we still have the best Sales Team on the Internet - our loyal resellers. We believe that providing the best hosting service to them will allow both ours and their business to grow.

We plan to add more features to the Reseller Panel in the near future, targeted towards better account management, automated generation of sales, and easier submission of orders for all our services.

Highly-critical SQL injection vulnerability for Drupal - mass-fixed on our servers

On Oct 15, 2014, Drupal developers issued a notification of a critical SQL injection vulnerability, which affected all current Drupal 7.x versions. More information on the matter can be found at https://www.drupal.org/SA-CORE-2014-005.

The existing proof of concept allowed hackers to turn the SQL injection vulnerability into a remote code execution / file upload, and there are reports of many hack attempts against Drupal sites on the Internet. To protect the Drupal sites of our customers until they update their installations, we patched over 3000 Drupal installations on our servers. The applied patch does not affect the operation of the sites, but eliminate the threat which is a result of the announced vulnerability.

Customers still must update their Drupal installations to the latest version from Drupal.org.

PHP 5.4 available to all customers

Following several months of preparation and gradual implementation, PHP 5.4 is now available on all our servers.

Our company policy towards software updates has always been the same - we aim to provide the most recent technologies, but without compromising the stability and security of the hosting service, and only after careful testing and implementation. We consider that PHP 5.4 is the latest branch that is stable and secure enough to be used on a shared hosting server.

With the installation of PHP 5.4, our customers can choose between PHP 5.3 and PHP 5.4 as a default interpreter for their PHP scripts.

WordPress sites with us are now protected against botnet brute-force attacks

During the last week, there is a massive botnet attack against random WordPress sites on the Internet, attempting to brute-force their administrative sections.

To protect the WordPress sites of our customers, we have set up an automatic brute-force protection for all of them. In case of too many unsuccessful login attempts against a WordPress site, its administrative section login screen will start to display a static page, thus not allowing the botnet to make further password-guessing attempts. When the unsuccessful login attempts cease, the WordPress login screen will return to a normal state.

Internet abuse becomes a more serious problem each day. Thousands of botnets are operating online to spread viruses, steal passwords and identities, send spam, etc. With this protection, our aim is to add more security to WordPress-based sites on our servers. Also, we strongly advise our customers to keep their site software, including themes and plugins, always up-to-date. Very often login credentials are stolen from local computers, therefore everyone must keep their local system protected against viruses and malware.

ICDSoft affiliate program is to be discontinued

Our affiliate program has been in operation since 2005. For these seven years, our affiliates brought thousands of new customers to our services.

ICDSoft was established as a hosting company more than 12 years ago with one simple goal - to offer a hosting service of the highest quality and to become an example in the industry. It was never a priority to expand rapidly, to have great number of customers, or to maximize profits. For this reason, marketing was hardly ever used. Our priority has always been to invest in hardware, technologies, and staff - matters that determine the service quality, as we believe in the concept that a good service would sell itself alone.

The great number of our happy customers proves that we managed to reach our primary goal - high-quality service - and despite the complete lack of direct advertising, we managed to maintain healthy expansion rates throughout the years. Of course, the affiliate program had contributed to our growth since 2005, and this program had been the only exception of our "no money for marketing" policy.

We believe that each business has a "critical mass" - a certain size of the company, beyond which it becomes difficult to maintain the same level of service. More customers and employees leads to the requirement for more complicated company structures and procedures, and it is usually the customer who suffers because of the scale of the provider. That's why, a part of ICDSoft's vision for the future has always been to reach a balance between the quality of the offered service and the number of active customers, and to control very carefully any further growth, ensuring that the balance is never shifted towards the latter.

The greatest asset of ICDSoft are its employees. Most people at ICDSoft work for the company for more than 7-8 years. In the hosting business and especially when it comes to hosting support, experience matters a lot. That's why if the number of our customers increases now rapidly, the number of employees will have to increase too, and most new employees would usually have less experience than our current staff. This is a simple example of how going over a certain number of customers too fast might lead to a degradation of the service level.

As of now, we are hosting over 105,000 sites. Also, through our Reseller program, our resellers continue to bring new customers to our servers. To allow our resellers to grow further, and to prevent further growth that may not allow us to keep the quality of our service, we have decided to discontinue our affiliate program as of Oct 1, 2012.

After Oct 1, 2012, we will no longer be paying affiliate commissions for bringing new customers through a site banner, text links, or through promo codes created through the affiliate panel. All accumulated commissions, even those below the payment threshold, will be paid to our affiliates. This will happen within several weeks after the program suspension date. The affiliate promo codes will continue to work, but they will display a message that the program is no longer available.

We are extremely grateful to all our affiliates who trusted us and worked with our affiliate program. However, at this point we prefer to contain our growth and to assure the highest level of our hosting services.