Nov 13, 2019

Reduced Additional Traffic Prices

We are happy to announce a reduction of the additional traffic price for all our hosting plans and in all our datacenters.  
The new price for additional traffic is $0.10 / GB.  

After we were able to re-negotiate most of our upstream provider contracts, back in July we significantly increased the traffic limit for all hosting plans. With the current traffic allotments, most websites will never need additional traffic. However, if you do need more traffic for your site, you can get it now at a much better price.

Nov 7, 2019

ICDSoft reviewed on hosting.review

The folks at hosting.review - a popular site that specializes in reviewing web hosting companies - reached out and asked us whether we'd be interested in spreading the word about ICDSoft's services. They did not look for any kind of payment as this would make for a biased review. Something unacceptable for either team. And, when someone offers to write an honest review about our services, we are always happy to oblige.

So, the team at hosting.review tested our services from their own perspective, which aims to "provide information and advice from a customer to a customer on all aspects related to web hosting". This is a perspective we very much agree with. Their ICDSoft review is already published, and you can check it at:

ICDSoft Review - Premium Hosting for Everyone

Nov 6, 2019

ICDSoft is one of the sponsors at WordCamp Sofia 2019

Nowadays, WordPress is without a doubt the most popular Content Management System (CMS). It powers over 30% of all websites on the Internet (and 14% of the top 100 websites).

Here at ICDSoft we have always done our best to help our users jump on the WordPress wagon and enjoy their stay there. We had a one-click WordPress installer even before WordPress' popularity skyrocketed. More recently, we introduced a full-blown WordPress section in the hosting Control Panel that allows users to easily manage their WordPress instances.

And now, the time has come to take the next logical step - join the WordPress community in person and help spread the word (we resisted the urge to make a Word(Press) pun here) about WordPress and ICDSoft. We are proudly sponsoring WordCamp Sofia 2019, which takes place on November 9-10, 2019.

So, if you are interested in WordPress, or websites in general, make sure you visit WordCamp Sofia this weekend. There you will find:

* Gifts for every visitor!
* People with similar interests - websites and WordPress!
* Lectures on how to achieve more with WordPress!

The ICDSoft team will be there, so come see us at our booth.

Oct 2, 2019

SmartVPS plans now available in all data centers

We've got some really good news! As of today, the SmartVPS plan is available in our European data center. This makes the SmartVPS solution available in all data centers and completes the release cycle of our most versatile product. The SmartVPS platform allows you to host multiple projects, to create custom packages tailored to your development needs, to deploy Node.js and other runtime environments, to speed up a website with FastCGI and OPcache, and to operate worry-free with the free included backup automation and space covering your entire plan.

Our multi-account VPS solution comes with pure disk space unoccupied by OS files and logs, control panel and host management interface data, and system infrastructure data. The listed disk space is allocated for your data only. Unlike most control panel and host management interfaces, our solution is included in the price. There will be no extra fees regardless of the number of accounts you create on your VPS plan.

We have also made sure that using your VPS and the custom accounts you create within it is identical to the experience you have with our existing hosting packages. All that comes at a price of $19 USD/month for our SmartVPS solution, and $49 USD/month for the more powerful SmartVPS Pro plan.

We would like to thank all our partners whose feedback allowed us to build the SmartVPS platform. It is now available in all three data center locations we have - USА, Hong Kong, and Europe.

Sep 27, 2019

SmartVPS plans now available in Hong Kong

We are happy to inform you that our new VPS platform is now available in the Hong Kong data center. At launch it was available only in the US data center, but we worked really hard to bring it to Hong Kong as soon as possible.

People and businesses based in the Asia-Pacific region and/or targeting visitors from there can now get a feature-rich, multifunctional solution that allows them to host multiple projects on a single VPS plan.

For more information about our new VPS solution, you may check the following page on our website:

Managed VPS Hosting Plans

We will keep up the hard work in order to bring the SmartVPS platform to our European data center very soon.