Nov 12, 2020

Larger Mailboxes and More CPU Resources for the Business Plan

Following the transition to our powerful new hardware platform, we have introduced quite a few service upgrades and new features over the last few months. We have a lot more new features and enhancements in the works, but here is a quick summary of some of the most important improvements which our clients already use and enjoy:

- FPM with OPcache and server-side caching - for blazingly fast websites at no extra cost.
- Extended Backups - a paid upgrade that provides 12 months of extra backups for your account.
- More disk space for Business Plus plans - we bumped the disk space from 100 GB to 150 GB.
- Free video conferencing in the ICDSoft Account Panel.
- SocialSync - free social media backup and site generation.
- Free memory and CPU core upgrades for our VPS solutions.
- A new webmail client - Roundcube.

For more information on these and some other upgrades and improvements that did not make it to the list above, check our News section. And speaking of news, it's about time we got to the piece of good news that the current message is about - free resource upgrades for the Business plan. This means that all Business plans now get the following features at no extra cost:

Larger Mailboxes

The maximum disk space quota for a single mailbox has been increased to 15 GB. This is something that quite a few clients requested, so we listened and obliged. Now clients already using the Business plan can keep more email data in a single mailbox, and clients using the Economy plan have an easy, affordable, and straight-forward upgrade path in case they need more disk space.

More CPU Minutes

We have increased the CPU time limits to 150 CPU minutes/day and 30 MySQL minutes/day. It's important to note that these are soft limits, meaning that we won't automatically stop a website even if it exceeds them. Also, the new hardware platform, combined with our server-side speed optimizations (FPM with OPcache and NGINX-powered website caching), helps significantly reduce the CPU time required for the execution of PHP scripts.

There are many other great features coming up soon, so stay tuned, and stay safe!