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24/7 Technical Support

At ICDSoft, we place emphasis on superior customer care. Our staff is very experienced and always eager to assist you. More than 70% of our customers come to us referred by a current ICDSoft client. The reason is obvious - our support is simply the best!

Highly qualified professionals

Our Support Team is comprised of highly qualified and talented professionals with diverse backgrounds and experience in the IT field. They will make sure every question is answered to your satisfaction, thus assisting you with the development of your web site. You can always ask anything you need, and you are guaranteed a 15-minute response. Furthermore, our online documentation covers almost all aspects of developing a web site.

15-minute response guarantee for all support tickets

Is your current host taking days to return your tech support requests? We respond to each support ticket within 15 minutes, and to each email message within one hour.

One more fact - our average response time for tickets is 7 minutes. You read that correctly - our Support Team has processed more than 500,000 support tickets with 7 (seven) minutes response and resolution time.

24/7 state-of-the-art tech support ticketing system

Absolutely the best ticketing system ever created. Open a tech support ticket via an online, easy to use form. Then just allow several minutes to get an answer and resolution. The entire process is rather simple, and you will be notified by e-mail once your ticket is answered.